Greater Good Charities Helps Thousands Of Shelter Dogs Snuggle Up On Donated BARK Beds

Written by: Samantha Erb

April 19, 2022

Dogs who have bounced from home to home, brand new puppy litters, long-time shelter residents, and so many more dogs now have a comfortable place to sleep thanks to Greater Good Charities‘ efforts and a lot of cozy BARK beds.

With Greater Goods’ help, BARK is donating $10 million in products to rescues and shelters across the country, including everything from beds and toys, to food and wellness support. Both to make dogs’ lives more comfortable, and to use in tandem with adoption events and new pup parents’ adoption starter kits. Dog lovers do amazing things when they team up, and we can all sleep a little better knowing so many dogs are sleeping well, too.

Make your day a little brighter with these happy beans cuddling the heck out of their new beds:

9 Chunky Puppies—Pets & People Humane Society

“Farrah was dumped at the door of Pets & People Humane Society on a cold night in February. Only two weeks later she delivered 9 little fat and happy puppies! Farrah is very social and loves everyone. She lets everyone visit and snuggle with her puppies. They are taking after Mom and are already starting to follow you around and play with toys. Bunches of fun for the staff and volunteers. The pups love snuggling and sleeping in the new BARK beds! They actually all fit easily in the small one pictured. So comfy and roomy!”

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Mason & Dolce—OK Save A Dog

“Little Mason (top bed) was literally dumped in the country, out in a pasture with his food, water, and even his bed! He was soooooo afraid. They had to use a trap to catch him. It took days. He still is a “fail to trust” dog and only has a few human friends. Because of his personality, he is one of their few “forever” dogs and will get to live his life out at [the rescue].

“Dolce (bottom bed), just appeared one day with her dog mate Gabbana. Neither were ever socialized and were terribly afraid of people. Dolce discovered the doggy door one day and the glorious place called “inside.” She feels comfortable running in and out now but can’t convince Gabbana that “inside” is where she needs to be. But Gabbana is very happy outside on her heated porch with many visits from Dolce each day. Dolce has told her all about the fantastic new beds inside but hasn’t convinced her to follow her yet. Maybe soon!”

Darla—Humane Society of Lawton-Comanche County

“Darla’s undeniable beauty got her in a bit of a bind. She was found as a stray several months ago and she fell in love with her finder’s male dog… a passionate entanglement left her with a belly full of responsibilities. The finder was not able to care for her and her pups any longer, so they reached out to the volunteers at the Humane Society of Lawton-Comanche County, Oklahoma.

“Their fantastic fosters stepped up and cared for her and her little dumplings as the 12 arrived a short time later… 6 boys and 6 girls. They will be well cared for in this foster home until they are old enough to be fully vetted, spayed/neutered, and we find forever homes. Darla was obviously delighted with a chance to take a little break from her “responsibilities” to relax on her new, wonderful BARK chaise lounge! I am sure the pups will get to take their own little BARK bed to their new homes!”

Raleigh & Topeka—Legacy Of Hope

“Raleigh and Topeka came to us after someone dumped them in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a blanket and half a bag of dog food. They both broke with parvo and it was very touch and go, they spent nearly a week at the vets. They were so excited to have a bed to come home to and relax in, and nap in it every chance they get!”

Chloe—Happy Paws

“Chloe is a Treeing Walker Coonhound. She lived at the shelter for 9 years and still would not hardly even look at any humans. The sweet lady that runs Happy Paws has a daughter that wanted to try Chloe at her house. Chloe loves it there and rules the house. She is a foster doggy mom to the puppies that come in not feeling well,and LOVES her new BARK bed. Even loves to share it!”

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Hercules—Tail Waggers Pet Rescue

“Meet Hercules! He is a 2-year-old English bulldog that came in as a very little tiny pup with Spina Bifida. Hercules is a good boy but will need to be in diapers his whole life. He loves all people and other dogs, and is looking for a furever family, but we are being very selective. He has bonded with all 2 and 4-legged members in his foster home, and loves dog beds. We are able to provide the care we do because of the donors that give donations like this to [our rescue]. Thank you so much for all you do for our furry friends!”

House Hippo—Legacy Of Hope

“Here we have our newest intake [at Legacy of Hope]. As you can see, he doesn’t agree that the smaller beds are best used for puppies. He has spent the past two weeks in a small shelter kennel with no bedding at all. He’s not quite sure how beds work, but he’s figuring out and living by the motto ‘If I fits, I sits.'”

Saydee—House Of Hope Rescue, Inc.

“Saydee came to [House of Hope Rescue] several years ago at the age of 7 months after her owner went to jail. It was actually her 2nd owner. She was purchased as a puppy and returned to the breeder from her first owner. She was leery of new people and still is to this day. When she first came to us, she acted as though she had been beaten so we knew we had our work cut out for us. She has been kind of a “throw away” as most rescues are but has since become our sanctuary dog due to her issues and will remain in her foster home.

“Saydee is very comfortable and loved in her foster home and she has become a member of the family. She would generally find anything to curl up in when not on the couch or in bed, whether it was clothes or blankets for the other animals. These beds have been a tremendous and generous way for us to give our animals comfort. Her favorite spot in her new bed is directly in front of the furnace and she couldn’t be happier.”

Scarlet & Cici—Humane Society Of Lawton-Comanche County

“The humane society rescued Scarlet and Cici (in the background) a year ago. They were victims of a backyard breeding situation. Scarlet is deaf—common with the gene that also makes her primarily white. Cici, the husky in the background, came from the same breeder and is blind and deaf. Both LOVE their BARK beds. Thank you to the Goods Program and BARK. Scarlet is ‘sitting’ on her bed showing off the perfect little heart on her back!”

Eggnog—Bark Nation

Bark Nation has dogs that rescuers confiscate from dog fighting, and holds them for evidence until the owner releases them, or by a judge order. Eggnog here has been at our shelter for a few months and is learning how awesome #LifeAfterDogFighting is. She’s never had a comfy bed before, so what did we do on this glorious day? We brought a bed outside and cuddled up for a nap in the sunshine! As you can tell, Eggnog is loving this life of pampering!”

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Nellie & Mushu—Planned Pethood, Inc.

“Both Nellie and Mushu tried out (and approved of!) the new and generously donated BARK pet beds after this weekend’s [Planned Pethood] adoption event. A family adopted Mushu today and Nellie has several applications that we are reviewing. Thank you again for your kind donation and for all that you do! We appreciate you!”

Nanouk—Two Legs Four Paws

“Nanouk was not happy that Finn the cat was taking over his BARK box. Creed (the black boy) explained that ‘mom’ would take care of it and all Finn wanted was the box, just be patient! Nanouk was finally happy!! These kiddos are all in a foster home with Humane Society of Lawton.”

Ruby & Daisy Duke—Horse & Hound Rescue

“Pictured are Ruby (bulldog) and Daisy Duke. Ruby was surrendered to Horse and Hound as a young dog because of medical reasons. She had severe intestinal issues. We took her to Schrage Clinic where vets performed exploratory surgery. They found that she had telescoping intestines—two options, very expensive surgery or euthanasia.

“Well, as you can see, she is now loving life and enjoying her new bed. Daisy Duke, the chi mix, was part of a hoarding situation. She is still a little distrusting of humans but is coming along nicely. She also is loving her new bed. A huge thank you to Bark for these beds. This allows us to have funds available for veterinary needs, which are never ending.”

Ice Storm Pups—Two Legs Four Paws

“Someone found these two cuties out on the streets during the terrible ice storm last month. After their stray time was up and no owners came forward, they got to go to wonderful foster homes [with Two Legs Four Paws] where they got their own BARK beds to sleep on until their forever homes are found.”

Odin—Humane Society Of Lawton-Comanche County

“This is Odin. Rescuers found him in an abandoned house without access to food, water, or heat… surrounded by piles of his own feces. His people severely neglected him. Odin had no fat wrapping his bones—just skin covered in mange scabs, and he resorted to eating a cardboard box to sustain himself until the rescue stepped in.

“Someone attempted to claim him at first, but then quickly said “I don’t know that dog” once they heard mention of animal cruelty charges. We are working with law enforcement to get justice for Odin, but most importantly, we are giving him the dedicated care he deserves. While he is recovering he is very appreciative of his new comfy bed! Thank you BARK and the Greater Good!

If you’re struggling to care for your pet, please reach out for help. We live in an amazingly collaborative community. Scroll any pet Facebook group, and you’ll find people offering food, blankets, and financial support for families that need it most. Odin didn’t have to suffer like this. No dog ever should. We can all work together to prevent these situations and care for those who cannot care for themselves.”

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Written by: Samantha Erb

April 19, 2022

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