Greyhound Can’t Get Adopted Because He Keeps Sleeping Through Adoption Visits

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

April 7, 2016

Jasper, a svelte brindle Greyhound who is available for adoption through Dogs Trust Snetteron in the UK, may as well as be the envy of hoomans everywhere as this dog is fulfilling our dreams of napping whenever and wherever the pup we want.

It could be argued that it would be beneficial to be awake when potential adopters are waltzing through the adoption center but Jasper seems to somehow always have different plans. Instead of schmoozing with the hoomans, this dude prefers to snooze it up.


While we haven’t heard whether he snores or drools in his sleep, we bet 10 puppacinos that he’s cuter than any of us once we’ve drifted off to dreamland. (And no, how dare you assume that we snore and drool in our sleep. And we definitely don’t fart – that’s always the dog. Okay, maybe once it was us.)


Apparently, Jasper’s propensity for naps isn’t a trait too uncommon to Greyhounds. Lara Murphy, Supporter Relations Officer of Dogs Trust Snetterton, says:

“It is a bit of a myth that Greyhounds need lots of exercise, in fact the complete opposite is true. As Jasper demonstrates daily – they are actually quite lazy creatures and though they need a few short bursts of exercise a day, are actually more than happy to curl up and snooze for most of the day.”

jasper 2

Jasper’s been available for adoption for over six months now, which means he’s probably slept through a good five-and-a-half months at Dogs Trust Snetterton. (Clearly, we’re joking – or are we?)


Now that we feel like Jasper’s sleeping habits have been adequately discussed, it’s time to move on to his other attributes. Lara describes Jasper as:

 “…a real character and, when he is awake, is a sweet-natured, fun-loving affectionate lad who adores people and playing games. Jasper is exceptionally handsome….[and] is a young, happy, healthy dog who, like some people, just happens to really enjoy sleeping.”

jasper 3

If we could, we’d like to reaffirm what Laura just said about Jasper – “who, like some people, just happens to really enjoy sleeping.” Jasper, you are hardcore our (sleepy) spirit animal.


We know that Jasper’s furever family is out there. Perhaps the issue is that his furever family has been sleeping this whole time, much like Jasper. If you’re awake long enough to read this and think Jasper may be your one true napping buddy, click (and yawn) on over to his adoption profile.

Happy sleeping, Jasper!

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Sources: Dogs Trust

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

April 7, 2016