Ex-Racing Greyhound Wants Nothing More Than To Snuggle With Blind Rescue Cat

Joanne Tester, an avid animal lover who already had several smaller rescue dogs, adopted an ex-racing Greyhound knowing that his transition from racing pup to pet would likely be a difficult. What she did not expect was for the dog, who is now named Fastfeet Greyhound, to fall head over paws in love with a cat. Here's a little glimpse into their love affair:
But this friendship was completely unexpected and took a lot of time to develop. Fastfeet spent his life racing in New South Wales, Australia until an injury made him unable to race. The ANimal Welfare League took him under their care. After several months with the rescue recovering from his injury, he was finally put up for adoption. When Joanne went to meet Fastfeet, the rescue took a lot of precautions, including a muzzle, before introducing the Greyhound to everyone. These precautions were important because of the dog's history has a racing dog and the training, known as "baiting," that he went through. Luckily no sign of aggression was found towards her other rescue dogs. Fastfeet Although it took almost a year for him to adjust to live in a multi-dog household, it was now time for phase two. Joanne introduced him to one of her cats the same way he was introduced to the dogs. Sadly, that didn't go well. His first instinct was to chase them, which was her biggest fear. It took another year for him to stop chasing the cats. Fastfeet Then the unthinkable happened, he met Indi, a tiny foster cat rescued as a stray from Sydney. Indi had suffered from a bad infection, resulting in the removal of both of her eyes. Indi was first kept in an isolation area in the house so she could heal comfortably, but it would seem nothing could stop Fastfeet from sneaking in to see her. He was drawn to her, but he never tried to chase her. It was like he just wanted to say, "I am here for you". Fastfeet As Fastfeet was allowed to interact more and more with the animals, his and Indi's relationship became more clear. They played in the garden, went for casual strolls around the yard, and most importantly they adored cuddling together in the sun. When Indi gets scared, she immediately runs to Fastfeet for protection, like a big brother. Fastfeet It would seem there is no boundary this unlikely pair wouldn't cross to be together, but then the day came for Indi to be adopted and Fastfeet switched gears to help the other foster cats in need. No one would have ever thought a former racing dog trained to chase small animals could have formed such a special bond with a blind cat, but it's clear that Fastfeet has found a new purpose as a loving foster brother to animals in need.

h/t via Life with Dogs

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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