17 Pups Who Welcomed Guinea Pigs Into Their Pack

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 16, 2015

***Just so you know, Guinea Pigs are coprophagous—that means they eat poo 🙁 —and sometimes they encourage dogs to do the same. So watch your pups around your pigs.***

When I became a puppy mom (says the crazy dog lady), I wanted to give my pup Pumpkin the joy of siblings. Enter: the three little guinea pigs, Gus von Pigglestein, Benjamin Button, and Teddy.


But my pup’s not the only one in town to have rodent siblings. Check out 17 other modern families.

1. “Got your nose!”

1_Naomi M

2. “Finally, something with less hair than me.”


3. “The piggies? They’re around here somewhere…”

2 pigs 1 dog

4. “Oh hey mom… whatcha doing?”

Bath Time

5. “I’m her blanket. She’s my pillow.” #FuzzyCuddleFaces

Dog and Pig buds

6. “Why are you staring at us? Our love is beautiful.” #DontJudge


7. “We know who the boss is in this friendship.”


8. “Are you my mother?”


9. “Have you seen my balls? I swear I threw ’em over here.”

Doxie Pig

10. “I’m not talking to you right now. Go away.”

Golden Piggy

11. What’s dinner conversation like at their family table?


12. “Does this pig make my butt look big?”


13. “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” #PigLogic #HideAndSeek

13 pit-bull-and-guinea-pig (1)

14. “I don’t think mom would like the new kid, do you?”


15. “I named him Hamlet.”

15_golden pig

16. “But we don’t NEED a bath!”


17. “I’ll love you forever, bro.”


Featured image via @eagleroo Imgur

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 16, 2015