Devoted Dog Dad Built His Pups A Tiny High-Tech House Because Why Not

When devoted dog dad, Michael, set to work on a high-tech condo for his dogs GoGo and HeyHey, it was go big or go home (no pun intended). [bp_related_article] Here's how the whole thing went down: Step 1: Get those walls up---and don't forget the window. The view is everything, even if they can't see through it. walls Step 2: Install the SOLAR PANEL ROOF. That is correct. How else would he power all the technology? solar panel Step 3: Don't forget the programmable auto-food dispenser, the fan, and the web cam. feeder feeder and fan inside webcam Step 4: Oh wait, there's an outside camera, too. outside camera And it's all controlled by one master device---Michael's smartphone. outside camera After all is said and done, how do GoGo and HeyHey like their flashy, decked-out doghouse? I'd say it's unanimous. dog house full view
H/t & Featured Image via flashtailor

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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