Gwen Stefani Is Making A Fashion Line For Dogs Because She Can

In between recording a new album, launching a human fashion line , being a mom, and doing lots and lots of sit-ups, Gwen Stefani somehow found the time to develop a fashion line for dogs. gwenfeature Seriously you guys, this is going to be BANANAS. Like B-A-N-A-N-A-S bananas, not just bananas bananas. Just so we're clear. bananas Stefani is partnering with Petco in a 30+ line of rocker chic items for your ska-ruving pup. Like this checkered neck tie with a matching fedora.  gwenchichuahua There's also a Union Jack sweater that goes wonderfully with the fedora as well. Might even go as far to say it looks FEDORABLE. gwen3 The looks are a mix of Harajuku Lovers inspired clothing... gwen2 ...with straight up punk rock. gwen5 The best thing about this clothing line is that it's a direct reflection of Gwen's own pawsonal style. From stripes: gwenstripescollage To emoji inspired looks. gwenemojiscollage Rock on pups. Rock on.
H/t to Papermag
Featured image via Papermag

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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