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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 6, 2014

My name’s Hamilton Pug and I have a confession to make: I hate going to the vet. See, I’m a socialite city pup who loves bopping around on adventures, but errands and appointments are total lame-sauce.

New York, I ruv ya. (Photo Source.)
New York, I ruv ya. (Photo Source.)

When I learned that the NYC vets over at BarkCare will COME TO YOU while you can STAY ON YOUR SOFA instead of that cold, stainless steel table, I was so sold.

Sayonara, subway!

This is Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah. They’re the awesome vets that come to your house.

Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah's visit to Foster Dogs NYC.
Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah’s visit to Foster Dogs NYC.

When the vets arrived, they were so polite that they even removed their shoes! I told them that that sort of formality isn’t required at my pad, but they insisted. My buddy Finn the Pug, who lives nearby happened to be visiting and the vets were super kind to check him out as well.

Finn never turns down free healthcare.

I don’t have any pressing concerns at the moment (the plastic I ate last week in an attempt to help myself to a new bag of treats turned out to be a non-issue) So, Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah got to work on a general wellness exam. When they first started my exam, I’ll admit I got the vet-visit jitters.

Can’t hold me down!

But then Dr. Rob learned the way to my heart. TREATS.

What do you have there, pal?

After that, Dr. Rob and I were total pals. He’s the kind of guy who’s super easygoing– the kind of dude you’d invite to share a couple of Bowser Beers.

Treats! Okay, you may examine me

After that, Finn showed me what a model patient is. He even got friendly with Dr. Rob.

Finn is always showing off

Overall it was a pretty great visit. The BarkCare vets can do anything you’d need from the brick-and-mortar vet except surgery and x-rays. They’re vets whenever you need ’em! Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah gave both Finn and myself clean bills of health. I might start taking some fish oil pills to help with dryness, which is pretty exciting. It’s not as exciting as being told I need to increase my bacon intake, but still, not bad.

In need of a bacon prescription

The Docs were really nice and answered any questions my human had. I give Dr. Rob and Dr. Sarah two paws up! And I know a lot of dogs out there who get really nervous at the thought of heading to the vet. This is a great way to take the stress out of vet visits.

If you want your pup to get a visit from the BarkCare vets, use the code HAMPUG to get $50 off in the month of February! As an extra bonus, for every visit a BarkCare vet performs, they also donate a vet visit to a dog in a shelter or rescue. #highpaws #healthypups Right now, BarkCare is only in NYC, but sign up for The BarkPost email to receive pupdates when they expand!
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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 6, 2014

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