Handsome Dan The Vicktory Dog Could Use Your Good Thoughts Right Now

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

April 5, 2016

Handsome Dan, a survivor of dogfighting, is a celebrity in his own right with fans who dot the globe. Not only has Dan starred in the documentary The Champions, where he is showcased riding in his very own “Pope Mobile,” but he also inspired his mom, Heather Gutshall (affectionately referred to as “Mama” on his Facebook page) to create Handsome Dan’s Rescue, a rescue for Pit Bull-type dogs.

Heather Gutshall and Handsome Dan

As of Sunday, Handsome Dan’s Facebook page shared news with all of Dan’s wonderful friends and fans, saying:

“Mama has held off for a while telling all my friends that I am not feeling so good, she does not want to make anyone worry.”

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Of course, for a dog who is so deeply loved and has done so much for Pit Bull-type dogs and the Pit Bull community in general, it can be difficult to not worry about Dan – especially since he has something called babesia, a potentially fatal blood disease not uncommon to dogfighting survivors.

But instead of worrying about his health, Dan has asked for his followers to:

“Keep me in your thoughts and please send me some love. Thank you all for being my friends and caring for me so much! I am one lucky Danimal. XOXO”

And one lucky Danimal he is, as not only does he have close to 600,000 followers on his Facebook page to send him an outpouring of get-well love, thoughts and good juju, but he also has a very skilled medical team, Dr. Sam Lester, Dan’s veterinarian at Coventry Animal Hospital, and his wife Dr. Carrie Lester, an internist at Ocean State Vet Specialists.

Another reason Dan is so lucky? He’s getting a brand-new bed from his Auntie Patty and Uncle Joe to help provide some extra comfort. Oh, and even one more reason why this handsome guy is super lucky? Through it all, he has Kate, Heather’s partner.

Handsome Dan Use Featured

Currently, Handsome Dan’s mama and medical team believe that Dan not feeling well could be an allergic reaction to Adequan, an injectable drug that was being given to Dan to help the pain in his back leg.

To read Handsome Dan’s update on his health in its entirety, you can click here. To follow along with all of Danimal’s adventures and to send him well-wishes, you can ‘like’ his Facebook page.

We here at BarkPost love you and your family so much, Dan, and from the bottom of our Pibble-shaped hearts, we are sending you oodles of love and thoughts of healing.

Featured image via Best Friends

Written by: Levity Tomkinson

April 5, 2016

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