Harpo And His Adorable Little Tongue Need A New Home

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 23, 2016

Thirteen-year-old Harpo lost his home in late December, when the dog’s elderly owner went into assisted living.

Then Harpo lost his teeth.

“With the owner’s health declining, she was not able to take care of Harpo physically like he needed. He was super overdue for a dental,” says Kelli, who is fostering Harpo for California-based Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch.


Harpo’s chompers having been extracted, he is in good health for an older guy – plus, now his little tongue is rather prone to exposing itself in a fetching manner.

“His tongue hanging out. How can you look at it and not smile?” says Kelli.


Harpo has a charming personality to go with that cute mug, as well.

He can be a little shy with new people, but once he warms up he’ll follow you all around the house in a mellow manner – except when food is involved.

“He gets pretty excited at meal time and loves to roll around and make funny sounds on his dog bed,” says Kelli. “Harpo loves meal time! That is his most lively time of the day.”


Harpo is now up for adoption.

Harpo would love to have his owner home with him for most of the day. He would like an easygoing environment,” says Kelli. “Dogs like Harpo deserve a second chance. They have lots of love to give. ”

That’s right, this guy’s perfect home will be loving and mellow, with folks who have big soft hearts – and lots of soft food – for Mr. Adorable here to enjoy.


Here’s where you can find out more about adopting Harpo – we just ask that you send us lots of photos and updates if you do bring him home!

Get in touch at [email protected]!

Featured image via Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Written by: Arin Greenwood

January 23, 2016