11 Pups Get Lazy Or Go Crazy For The Dog Days Of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer are upon us, people! So what are you gonna do to beat the heat? These pups are going all out! Whether on the beach, in the pool, or chilling by the lake, these dogs are making the most of their days. 😎 How are you and your pup spending the Dog Days Of Summer? Let us know by posting pics of your pup with #DogDays at Top dogs will star in their very own BarkPost feature! 1. "I don't go to the beach. The beach comes to me." days3 2. "You said the water was fine. But this water is PAWESOME!" days1 3. "The day so hot but the dirt so coooooooool." days4 [bp_related_article] 4. "All aboard!" #Wait #YouAreDoingItWrong days2 5. "I'll be writing a Yelp review about the service in this place." days5 6. "Ok, Sun. Here I am. Now bathe me." days6 7. "If this is swimming, I'm over it." days7 8. Duh duh. Duh duh. days8 9. "Now my fleas can meet the sand fleas!" days9 10. "If I put my back paws in, they'll be safe too? Right?" days10 11. "Okay, Mom and Dad. We're finally ready for the kiddie pool." days11

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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