This Shelter Dog Shows Us How To Help A Friend In Times Of Sadness

Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 16, 2015

Whoever says dogs can’t feel clearly doesn’t understand…well, anything.

When Miley was surrendered by her owner at the Los Angeles North Central Shelter, she was upset. Although she accepted some comfort from the workers, when it came time for a playgroup, she refused to come out of her corner.

So, another pup, Marley, decided to be her friend. Marley sat by the pup and provided silent support and sympathy.


As the shelter wrote on their Facebook:

“This is where our hearts broke. MARLEY (A1367215), on the left, stayed close to MILEY (A1530442), who is devastated by being surrendered by her owners to the shelter. The two just met today in play group. Miley arrived at the shelter a smiling dog, and when she came out for play group stayed in the corner with her face pressed to the wall. She accepted love and affection from volunteers and from Marley. This girl needs to be back in a home.”

Dogs who press their heads against the wall also can be showing a symptom indicative of a medical condition. Clearly, Miley was a pup in need of help.


As soon as the picture was posted, it quickly went viral. Fortunately, the folks at no-kill rescue Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles saw the photo, and took both pups in hopes of finding the two furever homes and getting any medical treatment they need.


For more on the pair, to help them, and any inquiries re: adoption please contact the Best Friends Animal Society in L.A. We will definitely keep an eye on this story, and hopefully will be able to report both pups will be in furever homes soon!

Featured Image via Debbie Zeitman
h/t to The Dodo

Written by: Lisa Bernier

February 16, 2015