Former Michael Vick Fighting Dog Passes On, But Look At The Badass Life He Led

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

October 29, 2014

Hector was a friendly and compassionate Pit Bull that was loved by many. He truly did beat the odds proving that not every dog can be defined by his past. With training and lots of love the determined dog was able to help others and change stereotypes about his breed.

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Hector was one of 50+ dogs rescued from NFL football player Michael Vicks’ illegal dog fighting operation. He was chosen along with 9 other dogs to be brought to Bad Rap, a non-for profit Pit Bull organization in San Francisco. It is there that he met his hooman friends Andrew “Roo” Yori and Clara Yori. At first, the couple had been hesitant about adoption given Hector’s violent past. However, after spending some time with him they realized he truly was a good dog who happened to endure some horrific circumstances. The couple decided to take Hector back to Minnesota, giving him a loving home and fresh start to a new life.

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After being adopted and settling in, Hector became a certified therapy dog. He passed the AKC Citizen test multiple times and the ATTS Temperament test. He frequently visited hospital and nursing homes spreading love and awareness about his breed wherever he went. The overachieving pup also visited elementary school to teach children about compassion, empathy, and how to safety act around dogs.

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Unfortunately, Hectors life was cut short by an aggressive form of cancer. He spent his final days snuggling with his favorite sibling Scooby, a Rat Terrier Mix, and enjoying long walks in the woods with Roo and Clara. You can read more about Hector’s final days along with his goodbye letter on Facebook (warning: this letter is sure to make you cry).

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R.I.P. Hector, we hope you’re running laps and eating treats somewhere in puppy heaven. We’ll always remember you as the sweet, fun-loving pup who made a big difference:

h/t to Hector the Pit Bull

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

October 29, 2014