Help Us Give: 6 Amazing Pups and Projects that Need You!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 11, 2014

Every single week, Bark & Co. invests $1,000 in an inspiring project, brilliant concept or a pup in need of care. Our aim is to help fuel game-changing, influential ideas that make a big impact on the lives of not only dogs in need, but also leads to more awareness of dog rescues and shelter dogs. We need your help – check out these final six BarkFund projects and pups in need. Then, cast your vote!

BarkFund Nominee #1

Zoink need help! Zoink was taken in as a stray at the Downey Shelter in California when he was only seven weeks old and weighed just four pounds. Zoink was born with Type 2 congenital lateral elbow luxation – the lack of a humeroulnar ligament. This diagnosis means Zoink needs surgery on both of his elbows in order to live a happy and healthy life. Thanks to Labrador and Friends, Zoink has a chance! Zoink has been recovering from kennel cough over the past two weeks and has been gaining weight in preparation for his surgery. Vote for Zoink! 

Donate to Zoink’s fund here.


BarkFund Nominee #2

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 1.48.25 PM

Canine Assisted Therapy Pet CPR/First Aid Training

Canine Assisted Therapy has 125 certified therapy dog teams. Canine Assisted Therapy wants to offer Pet CPR/First Aid training to its volunteer teams to help protect these canine magicians. The $1,000 would be used to develop a lifesaving training series to equip dedicated volunteers with the valuable information they need to be able to deal with any emergency situation that might arise while working with these special dogs. If this course helps save one highly-trained specialized therapy dog it will be worth it! Vote here!

Donate to CAT here. 


BarkFund Nominee #3


Kiesel came to Dogs XL Rescue needing a home and the Rescue wound up caring for his… keester! Yes, his bum, buttocks, behind, bootie, caboose, gluteus maximus, butt aka… his arse. It’s important to keep a sense of humor, right?!

Well, Dogs XL Rescue (and Kiesel) need help covering the keester bills that really added up and took a toll on the Rescue’s medical fund! This fund is used to care for dogs that need hip repairs to walk, fractures fixed to alleviate pain, puppies affected by parvo who are at risk of dying and everything else imaginable. Kiesel’s keester was a first for Dogs XL Rescue and hopefully it’s the last – the bills are still comin’ in! Please vote for Dogs XL Rescue.

Donate to Dogs XL.


BarkFund Nominee #4


Labrador Rescue of Nova Scotia would like to fund a Homeless Protection Project initiative. This program would provide vaccines, a vet check and flea/worm treatment for homeless people’s pets. These services would be offered free of charge to the owners of as many homeless pets as possible. Participants would also leave with two weeks worth of kibble for their pets and sandwiches for the humans. Help by voting here.

Donate directly to LBNS here.


BarkFund Nominee #5


Brody is a 2-month-old puppy who was brought in to the Lowell Humane Society unable to use his back right leg. A specialist discovered that Brody had a severely luxated patella. He underwent surgery and is now recovering in a foster home. Brody needs ongoing physical therapy to learn to walk properly again. $1,000 would help to cover the costs of his surgery and the necessary ongoing physical therapy until his forever home is found! Vote for Brody!

Love Brody? Donate directly to Brody’s shelter!


BarkFund Nominee #6


Rasta’s Rescue Ranch is a retirement sanctuary for senior and hard to place dogs located in the east mountains of New Mexico. They offer these babies a forever home, that is truly forever. Regardless of their time left, it will be spent being spoiled, loved, and pampered, as well as appreciated and respected. Rasta’s mascots Mercy and Reggie have a plan up their paws! They had their likenesses put into a t-shirt design and are ready to sell those tees to help their senior buddies. For every two shirts we sell, they will be able to purchase one bag or 1 case of canned food to help all the babies get the best nutrition possible!  Vote for Rasta’s Rescue Ranch Tee Fundraiser!

Love Brody? Donate directly to Brody’s shelter!
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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 11, 2014

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