Here Is The BarkPost’s #2015TopNine, Since You Were Wondering

The suspense was killing me. WHAT WOULD THEY BE? And then this came up: Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.45.37 PM This remained on the screen for about 45 minutes. So I read it a few times. The exact number of times doesn't matter. But I'd like to draw attention to the sentence, "Confirmed your request. Please note that now it takes like 10 minutes to complete your request due to a huge demand." Well excuuuuuuuuuuseee me sassy generator. I didn't realize you were so important. Also, I sound like my grandmother when I say this, but is "like" really necessary in that sentence? Aren't you a computer? Shouldn't you be trying to sound, I don't know, more legit? sassypug Then I channeled my frustration about Instagram into an Instagram post because how else does one handle their emotions in this almost 2016 day and age? bestninememe FINALLY. THE RESULTS WERE IN. LET'S DO A COUNTDOWN BECAUSE THAT'S FUN AND NEW YEARSY. Ok I'll stop typing in caps now. 9. Tell me this is not your dream scenario. High paws @haoleboysurfs bestninedogsandwich 8. #TBT to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when Victoria was NOT ready for this jelly. None of us were. High paws @babygrl221_bruce bestninevictoriassecret 7. This cartoon from Off The Leash Cartoons basically encapsulates all of us in one image. Seriously though, what are #DogPeople supposed to do? Make dogs sleep in their own beds? That's ridiculous. bestninedogbed 6. Ugh, if only it were this easy to live up to our parents expectations. Congratulations @cassandra_and_moose on making our #2015BestNine, but also, ON THAT TOTALLY AWESOME STICK OMG HOW DID YOU FIND A STICK LIKE THAT?! bestninestick 5. A lot of people related to this pomeranian crying in the shower while listening to Adele. I know @miathepom, feelings are gross. But you're doing the right thing by trying to wash them away. 4. This one was shared from one of our favorite accounts, @DogsBeingBasic. We all know someone like this. And that person is usually trying to get everyone to go do karaoke. 3. Full disclosure, I am 4'11. I have short ass legs. And I am always struggling to keep up with my friends when we're out. So when I saw that puppy booking it down that hallway, I really saw myself. Woah, that got pretty real. Anyway, high paws @maedayrescue. 2. Another great one from our friends at @DogsBeingBasic. There are no words for this. You'll see why. ARE. YOU. READY. FOR. NUMBER. ONE. 1. A SCHWEEPY PUPPY who if we're being completely honest here looks like she's having a dream about rippin farts in the jacuzzi. A few extra bubbles never hurt nobody. Thank you for bringing this into our lives @hamchanmama And here it is in all it's glory, our #2015BestNine: 2015bestnine These make sense. But I will admit that I was heartbroken that this dird montage didn't make the cut. Since you're here, we'll just throw that in, because, dirds. If you aren't already, make sure to give us a follow on Instagram And lastly, HAVE A HAPPY PUPPIN NEW YEAR!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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