This Dog Was Shot In The Head Protecting His Owner. Now He Needs A Forever Home.

I was swiping through BarkBuddy, our matchmaking rescue dog app, and came across an elderbull named Kiko. Having a senior rescue of my own, I immediately added this wise looking pibble to my favorites. “Maybe I’ll meet someone looking for a great dog like this in NYC,” I thought. Something in his description caught my eye, “…made the news two years ago for his heroic deeds.”



So I went on a search to find the story behind this BarkBuddy looking for a home. “This Staten Island pooch took a bullet to the head to save his owner — and lived to bark about it,” wrote the New York Post.  Pit Bulls are known to be loyal, and Kiko is no different. When his previous owner was attacked at gunpoint, Kiko stood between the owner and the gunman. Kiko got shot in the head, and the bullet exited his neck, missing an artery. However, Kiko miraculously survived.

“This is like, one in a million,” said Dr. Greg Panarello, whose veterinary clinic operated on Kiko. “He [was] very lucky.”



Two years later Kiko’s owner “fell on hard times” and now this brave, loyal pittie has found himself looking for a new furever home. I’m going to ask you not to feel sorry for Kiko, however. Feel sad, angry, sickened at this situation – but don’t feel sorry for him. Dogs are resilient, forgiving, and adaptable. They don’t understand pity, they only understand love.

Know someone with an open heart and cozy sofa for Kiko to spend his golden years with? Let us know! Email [email protected] or reach out to Mighty Mutts Rescue directly.  Big high paw to Mighty Mutts for taking this loving boy in and finding him the right home!

Have you found a BarkBuddy with a great story lately? Email [email protected] and we’ll share!



Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago