Heroic Doxie Wins Award For Saving His Brother From A Sticky Situation

When Razor the Dachshund darted out of his yard, his owner, Tim Chavez, feared that he would he lose another dog that day. Chavez's St. Bernard, Jazzy, had gone missing the night before. Passersby heard Razor barking off the side of a road, and when they investigated they found the tiny Dachshund comforting a St. Bernard who had become trapped in the mud of an irrigation ditch. Not just any St. Bernard. It was Jazzy. Belen fire fighters and police officers rescue a dog at a local drainage ditch on Feb 16, 2015. (Courtesy of Belen Fire  Rescue) Fri Feb 20 14:56:12 -0700 2015 1424469371 FILENAME: 187749.jpg Razor hadn't run away at all. He simply knew his friend was in distress. The humans who found the pair contacted local fire and rescue personnel who quickly came to pull Jazzy from the mud. All four of Jazzy's legs had submerged into the muck at the bottom of the ditch, immobilizing him. Razor has since been received an award from the local police department for his heroism. The original BarkPost video below tells their story and shows just how BFF these two are. As if Razor hadn't proven it already!
Featured image via Albuquerque Journal
H/t to Daily Mail

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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