Border Collie Fights Angry Mama Bear When She Attacks His Human On A Trail

Reid Roberts went out for a run with his dog Pacer in Forest for the World, a park in Prince George, British Columbia, but their fun was interrupted when they startled a mama black bear and her two baby cubs. Roberts wrote on Facebook:
She came out right away in attack mode. She locked in on me right away with head down staring at me.
Bear Attack Roberts also had a similar encounter with a bear two years prior, but since the bear was further away, it only did a bluff attack and moved on. This time, being so close, Roberts felt that he had no choice but to defend himself and his dog.
I had to fight. I just started kicking at her while I was on my back.
That was when Pacer, his beloved Border Collie, sprung into fearless action barking and biting at the bear to protect her human.
[The bear] went at [Pacer] for only a second to chase him off but quickly turned and came at me a second time. She was on me but Pacer was on her just as fast biting at her.
Bear Attack Finally, Pacer was able to draw the bear away from Roberts, who hurriedly called 911 and began walking back down the same trail with a severely wounded hand. Onlookers rushed to Roberts' aid when he reached the parking lot, but his mind was on trying to find his dog. "The ambulance was on its way and I didn't want to leave until Pacer was found," he continued on Facebook. Thankfully and miraculously, Pacer turned up unharmed a mile away at a friend's house.  The bear, however, was humanely euthanized and her cubs were moved to a wildlife shelter. Bear Attack Roberts ended up with sixteen stitches in his hand and some "minor claw marks" on his stomach and arms, as well as a shredded pair of shorts. He wrote, "Pacer is fine and truly my hero. I never run without him." Roberts says that he will return to the trail as soon as he is physically able with Pacer right by his side.

Feature Image and H/T: Inside Edition + Prince George Trail Runners Group/Facebook

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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