Hero Pit Bull Who Took Bullet To The Head From Intruders – And Survived – Gets Award

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 15, 2016

The Lero family of Harrison County, MO adopted Leon, a chocolate colored Pit Bull, from their local shelter about a year ago. They had no idea at the time just how much their decision to open their home to a rescue dog would pay off.

On the evening of March 21, 2016, Theresa Lero knew something was wrong when she saw Leon, tense and growling at the window. He was alerting her to the presence of intruders in the family’s home. Theresa told WLOX News:

I went over to the window to look at the door, and facing me in my pass-through window was a man in a ski mask with a gun.

As Theresa ran to get her own gun, Leon gave chase. That’s when she heard gunshots. Fearing the worst – that Leon had been killed – an enraged Theresa prepared to return gunfire. When she came upon Leon, she found that he had survived his wounds, despite the fact that one of the bullets actually entered his skull, barely missing his brain. According to Theresa, Leon was even able to walk into the animal emergency clinic on his own!

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Theresa’s husband, Brickford Lero, is incredibly grateful for Leon’s bravery. It frightens him to think what could have happened had the adopted Pit Bull not been there to chase away the home invaders.

No telling what they would have done, they had loaded guns. They came into the house with guns.

Although the incident was only 3 weeks ago, Leon has made a full recovery. He stands as yet another shining example of a fiercely devoted, often misunderstood breed. The Leros were able to look past the Pit Bull stereotypes when they adopted Leon, and they may very well be alive today because of it.

H/T and Featured Image via WLOX News


Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

April 15, 2016