Get Outside While Lending A Paw, Take A Hike With Adoptable Dogs

Featured image via To Die Trying

Discover Outdoors, an NYC-based outdoor adventure company, is making it easier than ever to lend a helping paw. In addition to offering muttloads of day and weekend excursions, including rock-climbing, kayaking and horseback riding, they are also showing some serious ruv to the adoptable dogs at Animal Haven.

Who's that Puppy In the Great Outdoors?

Discover Outdoors partnered with the non-profit shelter to offer monthly hikes with adoptable hounds. The day-trips are pawfect for the dog-lover who doesn’t yet have a pup of their own or for anyone just looking to give a shelter dog a special day out in nature.

 Ahhh, now THIS is the life!

An orientation from Animal Haven staff, transportation, and a happy hound will all be provided. (BONE-US! Discover Outdoors donates a portion of trip proceeds back to Animal Haven.)

My idea of ruffing it!

You and your new furry friends will take a short drive to Harriman State Park for a hike along Pine Meadow and Stony Brook, with plenty to sniff along the way. Life in a shelter can be stressful. An active day in the great outdoors can help these pooches relax and let their true pawsonalities shine, which also allows the Animal Haven staff to learn more about what makes them their darlin', ridiculously-adoptable selves.

All photos and video via Discover Outdoors and featured image via To Die Trying.

Keep digging! For a list of hike dates, check out the Discover Outdoors Trip Calendar.

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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