Dogs Who Spent Their Lives Hog-Fighting Finally Learn What Love Feels Like

Written by: Katie Haller

October 5, 2015

After an investigation of a suspected hog fighting operation in Cottonwood, Alabama, the Humane Society and local police found 65 dogs completely emaciated, malnourished, and suffering an array of health problems.


First of all, as most of us are, I am having trouble comprehending how anyone could keep dogs in this condition and fall asleep at night. Second of all, who watches HOG FIGHTING as a form of entertainment? Have you not heard of Netflix? Hulu? Candy Crush? I do not understand.

The rescuers described the scene, “We saw dogs cowering in barrels, hiding in a dilapidated car and shivering alone on chains.” There was no food, water, or hope in sight.


Most of the dogs that were rescued were Dogos Argentinos, along with two French Bulldogs and one German Shepherd.


When rescuer Chris Schindler found Violet she only weighed 40 pounds, less than half of what a healthy dog her age should weigh. Schindler writes that when he found her most of her fur was gone, her skin was horribly infected, and it was obvious she had been bred repeatedly.


The dogs were taken to a temporary shelter, where they are learning to adapt to a life of not living in fear. They were put on a high-calorie diet and given personalized training. But before they can be taught to sit, lie down, or roll over, they had to learn the simple things in life, like accepting food, walking on a leash and running freely on grass.


The rescuers happily report that the dogs love taking a dip in the pool and playing around in the sun. But the thing they’re the most excited about is ruv.


All of the dogs are currently on the road to adoption, and some have even been placed temporarily and are ready to find their forever homes.


As for Violet, she is a healthy 103 pounds, her soft white fur has grown back in full, and her ribs are no longer showing. But her smile is.


To make a $10 donation to the HSUS to help support these rescues, text LOVE to 20222, or go to

Written by: Katie Haller

October 5, 2015

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