12 Holiday Traditions To Start With Your Pup

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

December 18, 2015

The holidays are the perfect time to spend extra quality time with your family – both two-legged and four. There’s no reason why your pup has to be left out of the festivities! Most holiday traditions have some way to include Fido. So put on Sparky’s favorite Christmas sweater and celebrate the pawlidays with the whole family.

1. Take your dog to pick out a Christmas tree

A lot of Christmas tree farms are totally dog-friendly as long as he’s on a leash. Skip the hayride and get a nice long walk in with your furry best friend while you look at all the pretty trees. As soon as Fido lifts his leg on a tree, you’ll know he’s made his choice!

2. Hang up a stocking for Fido

dog stocking

There is no reason why your pup shouldn’t have a stocking hanging up on the fireplace with the rest of the family! Fill his stocking with his favorite dog treats and bones, and maybe even a fun new toy to play with. Pro tip: don’t fill your pup’s stocking until Christmas morning – there’s a good chance he’ll sniff out the treats and pull down the stocking if you put them out too soon!

3. Bake Christmas cookies for you – and special ones for your dog

dog christmas cookie toy

Every good pup deserves a special treat during the pawlidays. While you’re cramming Christmas cookies into your face, think about buying or making some special dog-friendly cookies just for your four-legged friend. That way when Santa Paws comes to bring presents for all the good little pups, he’ll have a tasty treat waiting for him.

4. Take pictures with Santa

A lot of locations hold special days where you can bring your pup to take photos with Santa! See if your four-legged baby can handle sitting on the man in the big red suit’s lap better than the actual baby who’s screaming in her Christmas dress.


5. Host a doggie ugly sweater party

ugly christmas sweater toy

Ugly sweater parties are all the rage, but why not get together all of your pup’s friends for their own little get-together? Make it a competition to find the ugliest sweater for your pup, and then give him an extra treat when he looks better than the chihuahua from the dog park.

6. Go for a nice long walk in the winter wonderland

Chester Mishka's warm winter hat for dogs

Spend a peaceful night out walking with your dog and check out all the extravagant Christmas lights on the houses. Bonus points if there’s picture-perfect snow falling!

7. Give back and volunteer with your pup

Find some way to volunteer that incorporates your four-legged friend. Volunteer at the local animal shelter to walk or socialize dogs. People are super busy during the holidays, and shelters need all the hands they can get (and blankets for the pups, too!)

8. Take your furry friend to the store and let him pick out his own presents

Remember when your parents deemed you old enough to go shopping with them to pick out your own presents? Take your pup on this same adventure! Let him pick out his favorite toy or bone at the local pet store. But don’t forget to leave a few gifts as a surprise!

9. Include your pup in caroling

If your dog doesn’t startle from loud (possibly mediocre) singing, then take him caroling with you and the family! It’ll be a fun adventure for everyone, and the neighbors will appreciate an adorable Christmas dog at their door. Who knows, maybe he’ll even join in with a howl of two!

10. Make snow angels or a snowdog

You’ll get a great laugh every time you see your pup running through the snow. Make a snowdog with him or throw snowballs for him to catch. Then watch him roll around and make a snow angel to watch over his doggie snow angel!

11. Include your pup in the Christmas card

Go ahead and be that crazy pup parent. Take an awesome photo of your pup (or pups!) in all their Christmas gear and then mail it out to the family. They may make fun of you at the holiday dinner, but who cares, your Christmas card is still cuter than everyone else’s!

12. Cuddle up and watch a good Christmas movie

Finish off a day filled with snowy adventures with a fire in the fireplace and your furry buddy cuddled up on your lap. Put on Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure or Charlie Brown Christmas and fall asleep snuggling with your best friend!

Featured image via Instagram: @acutedesigns

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Written by: Rachel Crocetti

December 18, 2015

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