14 Innovative DIY Home Makeovers To Satisfy Your Inner Dog Lover

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 30, 2015

This article is part of our BarkPost Home vertical, The Dogified Home, full of tips, tricks, product suggestions and styling ideas for creative ways to show off your dog love in your home schweet home.

Let’s face it — your dog is family. So why shouldn’t you treat them like family? We’ve rounded up some rebarkable dog-approved home makeovers to really integrate them into the pack, and to add a little ruff to your life. Take a look below, and get inspired!

The Kitchen

1. Do your dogs enjoy eating with the rest of the family? Build their feeding station into the kitchen with custom built-ins. Check out these instructions on how to make your own.


2. Do your dogs love their crates? Do you NOT love the space they take up? Build your cabinets to accommodate the crates and your problem is solved! Click here for a cabinet-building how-to.


The Mudroom

3. Give Fido his own private space by building your dog a “cave” like this one by Titus Built.


4. How about a feeding station? The steps to making this one can be found on


5. Using a dresser offers a feeding space for dogs and cats AND includes storage for food. Notice that the dresser is high enough that the dogs can’t reach the cat’s food on the top! A nifty DIY for this project can be found here.


The Laundry Room

6. Follow this DIY by A Concord Carpenter to build your dog his very own washing station. Throw wet towels right into the washing machine!


7. Instead of keeping your dog food in an unattractive and bulky bag, why not store it in a cabinet? To make a pull-out cabinet just like this one, follow these steps here.


The Bedroom

8. If you’re tight on space and want to combine your dog’s bed with a piece of furniture, consider this night table. Check out the DIY here.


9. Let your TV stand multitask and serve as a dog bed, as well! Follow this DIY to create a look similar to the one shown here.


The Garage

10. This custom dog food dispenser is perfect for keeping dog food bags out of sight! Complete instructions by Walker Do’s can be found here.


The Great Outdoors

11. Stop mud in its tracks! Wash it off before your dog even brings it into the house! Click here for instructions on how to build an outdoor shower like this one.


12. Does your dog love chilling outside? Create a space for him that offers many of the creature comforts of being indoors! Follow steps listed here to build your own.


The Living Room

13. If some areas of your house are off limits to your dog, section them off with a lovely custom pet gate. Make your own with this useful tutorial from PB&J Stories.


The Hallways

14. Take advantage of wasted space underneath stairs and build a dog house for your four-legged friend! Follow this how-to by the Rodimels to create your own dog house.


Featured Image via DIY Cozy Home

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 30, 2015

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