Create Perfect Nook For Your Pup So They Won’t Mind Chillin’ By Themselves

Okay, so the room below is pretty dang swanky, right? That's the dog den at Denise Richards' place, complete with vaulted ceilings and crystal chandelier. If we had the cash we'd all invest in a pimped out pup cave our dogs could call their own. Luckily, you don't have to be a millionaire to create a special pooch retreat in your home. High style and luxury materials may make us feel like royalty, but our dogs' priorities are far simpler. Here are the things your dog craves most for his home hangout. dog-room-design Comfort: DIY Dog Bed, Cost Will Vary Dogs really aren't picky when it comes to where they sleep. As long as they have a soft, warm spot to rest their head they're happy. Place their beds in a safe, low traffic spot that's close to where the hoomans hang out. A bed in the home office, family room and by your bed will make your pup happiest. If you want something a little jazzier for your pup's room, check out Pinterest for hundreds of DIY, repurposing and upcycling ideas that won't break the bank. This one is by Lucy Designs. dog bed 3 019 Noms: Breed Specific Wall Feeder, $175 The number of cute, funky, stylish and functional dog feeders out there is mind boggling. Choose the feeder that best fits your space, style, and of course, your pup. Just make sure your dog's meals arrive on time if you want to stay on his good side! This one comes in tons of breeds and 5 great colors. 1-pughangingfeeder Entertainment: DIY Dog Bed Designed For Window, Cost Will Vary We all like a little visual stimulation during an afternoon chill session. Consider designing your pup's retreat with access to a window. Squirrels, birds and the neighbor's cat are more entertaining than Cartoon Network any day. window seat Activities: Personalized Toy Box, $45 Pooches like to keep their favorite toys and chewies close by. You never know when they may get a spurt of friskiness. Consider an adorable toy bin with a dispenser at the bottom like this one by College View Crafts. That way, your pup can access his go-to squeeker whenever necessary. toy bin Spa: Custom Shower Wash Stall, Price Will Vary If you have a mudroom, laundry room, half bath or even a garage with water hookup, you can create your own dog spa. Having a low tub with a handheld hose will make bath time easier and more pleasant for both of you! dog spa Storage: Bone Shelf, Not Available For Purchase If you are crafty enough to build your own bone shaped storage shelf like this one from Pinterest, consider me pawstruck! As cool as this shelf is, all that matters to your pup is that you find a solution for storing all his favorite swag. Style is just an added bonus. bone shelf Company: The most important feature your dog craves for his pup cave is YOU! Dogs love being where their hoomans are, so while having a spot to call their own is great, make sure they get plenty of quality time with their pawrents, too! It's okay if you prefer to keep your furniture pet free. Just make sure that you make room for your pooch in the family areas of the home by including his bed, toys, food/water and some good old fashioned lovins! dog cuddle

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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