Homeless People And Their Dogs Show Their Love In Heartwarming Photos

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

October 3, 2014

Dogs love unconditionally. They don’t see race, gender, social status or sexuality. All that matters to them is that you love them back.

Not-for-profit organization Pets of the Homeless, captures this unconditional love between homeless folk and their homeless pets, in its rawest form through their beautiful crowdsourced photo gallery. These pictures are contributed from across the country, with some from Vancouver, Canada.

homeless 1

homeless 2

homeless 3

homeless 4

homeless 5

homeless 6

For a majority of the homeless, these loving animals are their only family. They often put their pets’ needs ahead of their own, choosing to go hungry so their pets are well taken care of. Being able to afford a vet, however, is a different story. Through these photos, Pets of the Homeless would like to share their mission to help animals adopted by the homeless, stay healthy and hearty.

Head over to their website if you’d like to help in some small way.

Featured Image via The Dodo
H/t via Bored Panda

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

October 3, 2014