Homeless Woman Walks All Night In Pouring Rain To Save Abandoned Dog

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

October 4, 2015

Lisa Snyder came across an abandoned dog tied to a pole in San Pedro, California. The dog was snapping at anyone who tried to approach him. Lisa knew this meant one thing: The dog was terrified. Instead of running from him, she patiently showed the pup gentle kindness and his loving spirit quickly replaced his scared demeanor.

Once Lisa got close to the pup, she saw that he had a note attached to him. It read:

joey sign

She knew she could not walk away from this stray who so desperately needed her help. But, helping Joey wouldn’t be easy. Lisa was homeless and living in her van, which was inoperable at the time. To get the pup to a shelter, she would have to walk him there.

joey 3

The nearest shelter was 3 miles away. For most people, this walk would take roughly an hour. But, Lisa has mobility impairments and walks with a cane.

The walk took her almost all night – in the pouring rain.

Thanks to her compassion and the kind humans at Forte Animal Rescue, Joey is now living like a prince in a castle. He even has his very own princess.

joey and princess

When the local community heard what Lisa had done for Joey, they immediately came together to help her. They started a GoFundMe campaign so that she could get back on her feet. Altogether, everyone raised over $3,500 for Lisa.

Watch the video below to hear Lisa talk about Joey and why she had no other choice but to save him.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

October 4, 2015