In Honor Of Vicktory Dog Lance: Gone But Never Forgotten

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

May 11, 2015

One of the 22 dogs who came to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary after being rescued from NFL player Michael Vick’s property in 2007, Lance worked hard to open himself up to love and compassion from humans.

He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 5, but we’re pleased to report it was in a loving home that waited years to make him a part of their family.


Lance passed his Canine Good Citizen test a year ago, which allowed him to go home with his pawrents, Victoria and George. After years of hard work, his fans at Sanctuary were happy to see him move on to his new life.

One of Lance’s Dogtown caregivers reflects on something Lance learned to love, even when he still considered the world a scary place — golf cart rides. “Once he built up that trust, he would lean into you on that golf cart and know he was safe … It was a privilege to be part of his life. He is one of those dogs you just don’t forget.”


While at the Sanctuary, Lance lived in adoption manager Kristi Littrell’s office. She says even though it took Lance years to pass his test, and he didn’t spend as much time in his home as everyone wanted him to, going to a furever home meant he made it.

George and Victoria spent a lot of time getting to know Lance before being able to take him home. George was pleasantly surprised when he received the good news that Lance could come home.


“My chin hit the floor, and I was in total shock,” he said. “It’s been a long time coming. He had our hearts from the first time we met him. We’ve never given up on him.”

And they never did. The morning after Lance’s passing, George shared a heartfelt message on Facebook:

“Please remember the love and happy times in his life, and not the bad. Lance had loving caregivers, family, friends, and pack. He was loved by everyone that he met. He had such a kind and gentle soul.”

Rest in peace, Lance. We like to imagine you riding that golf cart in puppy heaven.

Featured image via Best Friends Animal Society

H/t Best Friends Animal Society

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

May 11, 2015

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