21 Hot Dogs Enjoying The Last Days Of Summer

The time has come, summer is almost over but, there’s no reason to jump out of the pool just yet. These hot dogs are cooling off and soaking up every last bit of sunshine they can get their paws on.

1. “Dad, wait for me! Derp.”

swim 1

2. “Bubblessssssss.”

swim 2

3. “Safety first!”

new swim 8

 4. “This is my happy place.”

new swim 7

5. “It’s not good to swim after devouring treats. I usually wait 4 seconds.”

swim 27 new

6. “I am freeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

swim 24 new

7. “I feel like a mer-pup.”

new swim 14

8. “I know, I know. I am one hot dog.”

swim 10 new

9. “Yasssssssssssss”

swim 16 new

10. “Oh no, where the pup are my goggles?!”

new swim 9

11. Ain’t no party like a pool pup pawty.

swim 21 new

12. “I could stay here all dayyyyy.”

new swim 22

13. “This swimming thing is starting to get old…”

swim 3

14. “Yeeeeepaw!”

new pool dog

15. “This is the life.”

new swim 25

16.” Where are all the lady pups at?”

swim 18 new

17. “Being a dog isn’t as easy as it looks.”

new swim 6

18. “More noodles more fun.”

swim 28 new

19. “The couple that swims together stays together.”

swim 19 new

20. “Be there in five via puppy back.”

new swim 26

21. Floating the day away…

swim 11 new

Feature image via CBS

Melina Giakas

7 years ago