Attention Internet, Stop What You’re Doing And Check Out This Hot Vet

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 27, 2016

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… but if the doctor is cute, screw the fruit! Meet Dr. Evan Antin, Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital’s resident animal expert and total babe.

Hot Doctor Evan Antin

Dr Antin

Dr Antin with a pupper

Dr. Antin first gained notoriety when he appeared on the Kris Jenner Show in 2013. Since then, the smoldering vet has gained over 28,000 followers on Instagram, over 20,000 likes on Facebook, and even a ‘Sexiest Beast Charmer’ title from People Magazine.

Of course, being the animal lover and all-around good guy that he is, Dr. Antin hasn’t let fame get to his head. He noted that his continuous exposure has been positive for his career—which means saving more animals, obviously.

Overall it’s been a very positive thing for me and my career. My coworkers get a kick out of it as well as many pet owners, but it has given me an opportunity to share my career with the world!

When he isn’t in the office saving puppies’ lives, Dr. Antin is probably at home with his dog, cat, lizard, snake, fish, and tortoise, or at the gym, where he used to be a personal trainer. The dogter also notes that he “lives to get down and dirty in tropical jungles in search of of native wildlife, i.e. crocodiles and snakes.”

When it came time to ask the hard-hitting questions, a.k.a. his favorite dog breed, Dr. Antin had a difficult time choosing one, but ultimately decided upon the Australian Cattle Dog since they are “intelligent and [he] like[s] their look.” We could say the same about you, Dr. Antin…

For more drool-worthy photos (we mean the dogs, of course), follow Dr. Antin’s exciting life on Instagram. Fair warning, there are some graphic vet-related images in there.

H/t Bored Panda, Featured Image via Dr. Evan Antin/Facebook

Written by: Morgan Greenwald

January 27, 2016