This Is How A Dog Feels When The Only People He Loves Abandon Him On The Street

If you’ve been reading BarkPost for awhile, then you know how often people abandon dogs on the side of the road. There are times when it feels like those stories are all I write about – and we don’t even write about all of them.

Yes, dogs are different than human children, but, like children, they need someone to care for them. They need someone to love them. Dogs also need guidance and someone to teach them right from wrong.

Sometimes this takes work and is often very difficult and stressful. But, as our very own Laura Hartle said:

When you bring a dog into your home, they become part of your family. You are entering into an unspoken contract to share your life with and care for a living, breathing being.

All too often, we hear stories of people who don’t treat their dogs like family, stories of people who leave their dog on the side of the road. These dogs are confused and scared. They don’t understand why the person they loved most in this world would abandon them.

The RSPCA made a PSA that exposes the reality of abandoning a dog on the side of the road. The comparison the video makes might seem extreme, but hopefully, it will make people think twice before they leave a helpless pup, who only wants to love them, to fend for themselves.

Feature image via RSPCA.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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