15 Adorable Ways Dogs Say “I’m So Glad You’re Home!”

Whether you've been away for a few hours or a few years, no one is happier you're home than your dog. They undoubtedly bust out some rockin' moves every time you walk through the door. We couldn't resist capturing all of this fluffy joy, so here are 15 of our favorite patented dog greeting maneuvers. 1. The pack attack. puppy run 2. The tackle. dog tackles owner 3. The "I'm so excited not even this car can contain me." dog jumps out of car 4. The standard tail wag. never ending tail wag 5. The tail wag and leash grab combo. dog wants to go for a walk 6. The tail wag and howl combo. shiba greeting 7. The fall down to the floor with excitement. bella the boxer falls down 8. The lap dance. solider holding dog in lap 9. The standard jump standard dog greeting jump 10. The joy jump. dog jumping for joy 11. The door jump. dog jumping at door 12. The please hold me. soldier hugs dog 13. The too-excited-to-stand. too excited to stand 14. The hand jive. dancing dog 1 15. The booty-wiggle-hop. doggie dance and wiggle

Featured image via @angel_thegoldendog

Regina Lizik

7 years ago

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