How I Survived Hurricane Sandy: By Scout

Hello BarkBoxers. I've finally gotten my paws on a computer and I'd just like to announce that I'm okay. I survived the hurricane here in NYC. While many parts of this city I love dearly were hit hard, my neighborhood fared well. (Thank goodness.) To all of the other pups in the city who were separated from their homes, I feel for you. If there is anything BarkBox can do, please, Tweet us, write on our Facebook wall, send me an email. ([email protected]) I'll get my humans on it right away. Now, even all my loved ones are safe-and-sound, I still feel as if I've been through an emotional hurricane. You see, everyone around me over the past few days has been acting very, very strange.


First, my canine friend, Finn. I love Finn dearly, but that pup has some fear issues. (Mostly that he's scared of everything.) Finn spent the entire hurricane trembling, whining, and going batty that he couldn't go outside. (Like heck I was going to set paw in that crazy wind storm!)


And then there were the restless humans. I'm not really sure why they were using their bicycles in the hallway... seems like a terribly boring form of exercise, if you ask me. Don't they know it's much more enjoyable to dig under the couch and wrestle with Finn? After witnessing all of this craziness, I decided that there's only one way to spend a day when everyone around you is acting like a bunch of cats trapped in an elevator full of catnip: dog_hurricane_sandy

Hope Bobbitt

9 years ago

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