Bet You Won’t Guess the Unique Way One Prison Helps Shelter Pups

It might seem like an odd pairing, but some lucky shelter dogs in Southern California are getting a helping hand from from prison inmates. Under the "Jails to Tails" program at an Orange County jail, old prisoner uniforms are being re-purposed into dog beds, according to a story in the Orange County Register. The uniforms, made from polyester, are shredded by inmates and then stuffed into unusable bed sheets to  make beds in a variety of sizes.
[caption id="attachment_10783" align="alignnone" width="560"]chihuaha-with-bed photo by Jebb Harris[/caption]
"Having fresh bedding is amazing," Katie Ingram, the community  outreach team supervisor at Orange County Animal Care, told the newspaper. "It puts the materials to good use that otherwise may  have gone to waste." (main image by Jebb Harris)

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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