Huge News for Kate Middleton’s Royal Cocker Spaniel, Lupo

Besides peeing in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and sniffing the butts of Britain's royal elite, there are even bigger things in the future of the royal cocker spaniel, Lupo. He's going to be a children's book star! The books will are being written by author Aby King who was inspired to write the series because of her own cocker spaniel pup, Lily. lupo-768 In the books Lupo has to summon all his courage to tackle "treachery and deception" and also comes into a skirmish with a "dastardly corgi" named Vulcan. (Perhaps inspired by real-life events when Lupo got into some trouble with Queen Elizabeth's corgis?) Kate Middleton with Lupo
Image source: Mirror.Co.Uk
The first book, Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle, is due out in September. H/T: People, Featured image via Mirror.Co.Uk

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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