15 Reasons Hugh Jackman And His French Bulldogs Are The Only Things That Matter On The Internet

Here’s 15 reasons why actor, producer and X-man (X-men?) Hugh Jackman and his Frenchies, Dali and Peaches, are the most important things to be on the internet…

1. Well, for starters… they have the whole ridiculously cute big-guy-and-little-dog thing down pat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 3.14.44 PM

2. Hugh also kisses the Shih Tzu out of their adorable faces on the reg.

3. And takes pics of them all the time.

4. Then there’s the fact that they get massages in public.


5. And that they’re basically the happiest pups to ever trod the earth…


6. …and the feeling seems to be mutual.

7. Hugh’s daughter Ava also shares her Dad’s adorable affection for Frenchies.


8. Plus, they go on cute dates… like to the gym.



9. And to get some Fro-Yo.


10. Hugh also buys them designer coats.

11. And designer boots.


12. And scolds any Paparazzi that tries to disturb them while they potty in the bushes.

13. But mostly, it’s because of things like this…


14. And this…

15. Aaaaand this.


You way be a Wolverine on screen, but we know you’re a Frenchie at heart, Hugh!

Featured image via MTV

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago

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