Stubborn Humans Refuse To Share Snacks, Forever Disappointing Their Innocent And Loving Dog

Okay world, I know you’re all obsessed with this video of this dog “back-talking” to his mom. But let’s get this straight, Luke the Boxer just wanted some extra grub, but his meanie human mom refused! HOW DARE SHE! Luke tried to plead his case and snag himself some more noms, but all he snagged himself was a whole lotta trouble with his dad, who got on the pup’s case for “not being like his sister.” (Who I guess is a perfect angel… there’s always that ONE sibling, right?)

Poor Luke! Come on humans!! Just give that pup some food! How can you say no to those big ol’ eyes?! How!?

Someone has an attitude today

Regina Lizik

6 years ago