Hungry Puppy’s Love Of Squeaky Balls Makes Him Famous, Still Lands Him In The Cone Of Shame

Written by: Regina Lizik

December 30, 2015

All every dog lover can talk about this morning is Jasper, a six month old Cane Corso. You see, Jasper rose to fame this morning when news broke that the pup got a little peckish one day while he was playing with his balls and so, he decided to eat them.

(No, not those balls, jeez, guys!)

The balls in question are two squeaky dog toys roughly the size of Jasper’s stomach.

dog eats balls 2

All ball jokes aside, this story could have had a very tragic and deadly ending. The two tennis ball sized toys had been in Jasper’s stomach for two weeks. The pup’s regular veterinarian could not figure out why the 72 pound dog had stopped eating.

dog eats balls 4

The dog’s human, Michael Ehrlich, took his best friend to Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, where x-rays identified the balls as the source of the pup’s vomiting and lethargy.

Doctors performed surgery immediately and Jasper was back to eating regularly the following day! The pup’s story of hunger and survival has gone viral. Perhaps, that’s because this is something with which every pup parent can identify. We try to watch our dogs like a hawk, but pups are crafty and sometimes they eat their balls – or your underwear.

Hopefully, Jasper’s story will serve as a reminder to humans and pups alike. For us humans, we need be super-vigilant about what our pups put in their mouths and for dogs – remember that eating balls might make you famous, but it will still land you in the Cone of Shame.

dog eats balls

We are so glad that Jasper is healthy and happy once again! Watch a local news story about the ordeal below:

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Written by: Regina Lizik

December 30, 2015

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