Husky Blowing Bubbles Into Her Water Is Either Practicing Her Snorkeling Skills Or Is A Total Dingus

What's a Husky to do when her parents refuse to move to Siberia so she can live out her legacy of snorting fresh snow? Learn to snorkel, of course! The next best thing to chillin' on a powder covered mountain is basking on the beach like these Australian pups. When it comes time to impress the surfer dudes with her swimming skills, this furry female Michael Phelps is going to be ready! This talented pup is named Maya and her YouTube channel, Husky Maya is packed with adorable videos of her antics! Subscribe today and don't miss a moment! Note: Occasionally this behavior is more than just a silly doggy quirk - it may indicate a neurological disorder. If your dog blows bubbles in his or her water bowl, but seems unable to drink, seek veterinary attention.

Featured Image via Husky Maya/YouTube

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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