This Husky’s Smile Hides A Horrific History That He Refuses To Let Break His Spirit

Rescuers at Seal Beach Animal Care Center found a beautiful Husky with bloody ears and a cropped tail, which was likely cropped to avoid it from catching on the cage that had been his home for his entire life. How do they know he lived his life in a cage? Because his microchip was registered to one of the most notorious animal testing facilities in the country. He was abandoned after he no longer served a purpose to them. nate 4 The pup, named Nate, had been in a shelter for four months, until the Beagle Freedom Project got involved. They placed him with a foster family who understands how to nurture a dog with a history of living in a laboratory. Nate's goofball personality started to shine through since he has been in rehabilitative care with his foster family. The really pawesome news is that this pup is ready for his forever home! If you are interested and live in the Los Angeles area, you can contact them at [email protected]

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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