Husky Nurses Tiny Kitten Back From The Brink Of Death

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

July 21, 2015

Rosie the kitten was rescued at the tender age of three weeks old. She was in terrible shape and near death.

Fearing for the kitty’s life, her desperate humans took a gamble and brought her to Lilo, a Husky. This was a bit daring, as Huskies have a very strong prey drive. Bringing these two together could have been disasterous.

It wasn’t. It was miraculous.

The pair immediately bonded. Lilo cuddled the tiny kitten and began to nurse her.

Within a week, the frail kitten grew stronger. Rosie opened her tiny eyes and walked about on her own.

This unlikely mother and daughter now have a bond that will last forever.

Despite this bond, the pair’s humans stress their relationship is abnormal.


They wrote on Instagram:

“Huskies are notorious for their intense prey drive!! So please please don’t run out and get a kitten (or a husky) expecting them to be best friends. It is very uncommon for them to get along (without growing up with each other), so please! Protect your pets and make smart decisions bringing new ones home.”

Even though Lilo had no issues with Rosie, one of the other Huskies in the family, Infinity, did have some issues curbing her prey drive around the tiny kitty.

The family’s humans want to make sure that everyone knows to be careful and cautious when introducing cats into a family with a Husky or similar breed.

We’re glad that Rosie is well and that everyone in this family is happy and healthy!

Feature image via @Lilothehusky.

h/t Bored Panda.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

July 21, 2015