15 Pups Determined To Up Their Game With Fire Hydrants

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 29, 2015

Fire hydrants and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or peanut butter and dogs. Or jelly and dogs. But sometimes they need a little variation on the well-known theme! Check out these balancing-act masters:

1. “I’ll stand, thanks.”


2. “This is the only way I can hail a cab.”

Hydrant Dog

3.”There’s a spider on the ground… I don’t like spiders.”

Hydrant Pup

4.”Where’s the bus? I don’t have all day.” #PlacesToGo #HydrantsToPeeOn


5. “The view up here is just delightful!”

Salies Fire Hydrant

6.”I think the squirrel went that way, but he’ll eventually come back.” #ImPatient… and tired.


7. “I’m not afraid of my shadow! Stop saying that!” #ItsJustComfortableUpHere


8.”Truth will rise above falsehood as dogs above fire hydrants.” #YesIReadPhilosophy

Balance Dog

9. “I am a bastion of elegance in an uncivilized world. And I smell hot dogs coming from the south, too.”


10.”I’m thirsty.” #ALittleHelpPlease?

Vegas Dog

11.”We don’t have a white picket fence, so…” #Improvising

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12. “Last time we messaged on OkCupid, she said we’d meet on this corner. I know she’ll be here soon…” #IJustKnowIt


13.The sign said ‘don’t pee on the grass.’ What else did you expect me to do?


14. “Working on my tan, bros.” #Chillin

hydrant pup

15. “I’m doing my best here, guys.” #ALittleCreditPlease

Little Pup On Hydrant

Featured Image via Imgur

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 29, 2015