15 Pups Determined To Up Their Game With Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or peanut butter and dogs. Or jelly and dogs. But sometimes they need a little variation on the well-known theme! Check out these balancing-act masters: 1. "I'll stand, thanks." Sitmeanssit 2. "This is the only way I can hail a cab." Hydrant Dog 3."There's a spider on the ground... I don't like spiders." Hydrant Pup 4."Where's the bus? I don't have all day." #PlacesToGo #HydrantsToPeeOn Hydrant 5. "The view up here is just delightful!" Salies Fire Hydrant 6."I think the squirrel went that way, but he'll eventually come back." #ImPatient... and tired. cb1c8e2aa62411e3852812be9123ad31_8 7. "I'm not afraid of my shadow! Stop saying that!" #ItsJustComfortableUpHere 4Hd5z8x 8."Truth will rise above falsehood as dogs above fire hydrants." #YesIReadPhilosophy Balance Dog 9. "I am a bastion of elegance in an uncivilized world. And I smell hot dogs coming from the south, too." jjj 10."I'm thirsty." #ALittleHelpPlease? Vegas Dog 11."We don't have a white picket fence, so..." #Improvising Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset 12. "Last time we messaged on OkCupid, she said we'd meet on this corner. I know she'll be here soon..." #IJustKnowIt Niner9 13.The sign said 'don't pee on the grass.' What else did you expect me to do? Lana-on-fire-hydrant 14. "Working on my tan, bros." #Chillin hydrant pup 15. "I'm doing my best here, guys." #ALittleCreditPlease Little Pup On Hydrant
Featured Image via Imgur

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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