Illustrations Show Off Sweet, Sassy Ways That Dogs Cuddle Their Humans

There's something about cuddling your dog that's inexplicably comforting. Maybe it's cuz they exude gooey warmth, or maybe it's because in that moment you feel so perfectly connected to your dog, it's like your souls are in sync. Their cuddles are so doggone magical, they have the power to turn your day from bad to rad, from happy to ecstatic, from joy to exhilaration. They're better than sugar, spice, and everything nice. (If you can't tell, we're totally spellbound by them.) So, we got together with Kelly Angel of Anything Comic to craft this series for us. Humans and dogs, please put your paws together for...Cuddlesutra — Our Guide To Dog Cuddling. afternoon_delight copy ball_o_wonder copy bis_to_wind copy broken_bridge best_seat copy noggie copy nirvana butt_to_butt copy chopstick copy donut copy gentle_sea copy headbutt copy kinky copy mask copy prom_night copy selfie copy super_magnet copy teaspoon copy shy_monkey yawning_helmet copy

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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