MORE Freedom Ride Pics That Will Melt Your Dog-Ruvin’ Heart

You might remember the post on shelter freedom ride pics that will melt your heart that was compiled with the help of Chicago Animal Care and Control. If you don't, then you might want to recap. DISCLAIMER: It's sweeter than 20 homemade dog biscuits with a side of peanut butter. This time, we asked our friends and fearless volunteers at Indiana-paw-lis Animal Care and Control to submit their pictures.
Gideon says good to know you, but it's time for me to go!
dog, freedom ride
Spirit had a rough life, and what started out as a volunteer giving her some time outside of the shelter walls turned into a foster failure. She's now very loved, happy, fat, and from what we've heard, a little gassy.
freedom ride, dog
Manny managed to get a taste of the good life, and he's not looking back!
Manny_freedom Do you think Little Wolf likes his new dad? We do! LittleWolf_Freedom
These next photos are dogs on their freedom rides from the shelter to Mended Hearts Rescue. They've since been adopted into their fur-ever families.
Vienna must have known being a lap dog was in her near future <3
dog, freedom ride
Jasmine, a blind dog suffering from severe diabetes, was taken to the shelter with a euthanasia request. She's now doing fantastic and navigates her home and yard with ease.
More pups headed to rescue!
Syrus_Freedom Freedom_Wednesday Freedom_Swayzee Freedom_Luna Freedom_Isis Freedom_Dewey
This guy might look skeptical, but we're told he has his own wardrobe now!
Last, but not least. Maisy says freedom feels fabulous!
Maisy_freedom If you're interested in seeing more freedom rides, check out how you can get involved with your local animal shelter or rescue. These make all the hard work worth it.

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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