One Woman Wants To Open A Dog Cafe. The Health Department Said OK, And You’ll Never Guess Why

Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

December 30, 2014

Sarah Wolfgang has come up with the perfect idea for a coffee shop. And guess what? It includes dogs. Her vision for The Dog Cafe combines good coffee, fun pups, and the chance to adopt the dog of your dreams.

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Planned to open in L.A., “the Dog Cafe will be a coffee shop where you are completely surrounded by dogs,” Wolfgang said. “Small, big, quiet, crazy, young, old. All sorts of dogs.” All sorts of adoptable dogs, that is.

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Essentially, the Dog Cafe will be two spaces in one: the first space will be an overnight kennel to allow the adoptable dogs to live in the business, and the second space will serve as the coffee shop.

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The arrangement will give cafe patrons a chance to truly get to know a pup in a relaxed, social atmosphere, instead of meeting dogs through the windows or bars of a shelter.

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The Dog Cafe will partner with Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co. to offer customers the finest, most thematically appropriate coffee. After all, no one needs a dog, or a plan to adopt, to enjoy the Dog Cafe. You can come for the coffee and stay for the pooches.

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Sarah Wolfgang currently intends to fund the project through crowdfunding, but will pursue a bank loan if necessary to realize her dream. Nothing will stop her from finding furever homes for the strays of L.A.

Learn more about Wolfgang and the Dog Cafe in this fun video:

You can help the Dog Cafe cause by donating to their Indiegogo campaign.

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Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

December 30, 2014