Printable Infographic: Everyday Foods That Your Dog Should Avoid

Dogs will try to eat pretty much anything they can fit into their mouths. They don’t care about their health, ’cause for them it’s all about living in the moment and gobbling down noms.

As dog pawrents, I’m sure we’re aware of what not to give our dogs. But we’re only human and sometimes we need reminders of such things. So, we designed a handy-dandy printable that could live on your refrigerator and serve as a gentle reminder, not just for you but for your house-guests as well!

While some of these foods in small amounts may not be harmful, it’s still imperative to keep an eye out on your pups getting into these foods.

Dangerous Foods For Dogs Print

H/t Brandon Rhoads

Featured image via Conversation

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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