20 Times Pretty “Ink Pug” Stationery Made Us Promise To Send Snail Mail

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 3, 2015

Letter writing is truly a lost art. But, if you, like me love sending and receiving snail mail, why not bring it back? If you’re on the fence, Ink Pug will push you over with it’s snappy little Etsy shop. This gorgeous collection of stationery will have you busting out your fountain pen (or quill) to send of those long overdue letters and notes.

1. Absurd Peeing Pug Card ($3.95)

Perfect for when you want to convey your inner emo.

pee pilates pug 1

2. Peachy Pug Card ($3.95)

For when you want to tell someone how you feel about them but you just can’t even!

peach pug

3. Happy Trails! Pug Card ($3.95)

Bone voyage is so yesterday. How about you step it up with your Good-bye cards and mail them one of these.

happy trails pug

4. Pug Thank You Card ($3.95)

When you want to say thank you, but you’re not sure how.

pug thank you

5. March Sadness Basketball Pug Card ($3.95)

When your best bud’s basketball team took a wrong turn.

march sadness pug

6. Donut Dance Pug Card ($3.95)

You don’t need a reason to send this card. It’s a Pug with a donut.

donut dance pug

7. Spinning Pug Card ($3.95)

When there’s just so much c-r-a-z-y joy because you’re favorite person told you they’re coming to visit.

spinning pug

8. Cake, What Cake? Card ($3.95)

Stealing birthday cake has never been so sweet.

pug cake

9. The Smooch Pug Wedding Card ($3.95)

I hope someone gives this to me for my wedding. (Cough.)

smooch pug card

10. Queen For A Day Card ($3.95)

When you want to give your love a spontaneous special day!

queen for a day card

11. Breakfast In Bed – Happy Anniversary Card ($3.95)

Score major points with your significant other for this card.

breakfast in bed card

12. Love You, Feed Me Card ($3.95)

If your pup could send you a card, this would be it.

love you

Now, feast your eyes on these greeting cards known as “Pug Poetry” — little verses that sound penned by your favorite pup. Ink Pug gets bonus points for these cards because they can also be gifted as prints.

13. Runner’s High Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

I would gift this to myself for fitness motivation.

runner's high

14. Nope, Nope, Nope Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

Perfect for mental health days.

mental health day

15. Dis Rock Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

Don’t touch mai rocks.

dis rock

16. Empty Bowl Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

An empty dish is a sad dish.

missing food

17. Let Steak Rest Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

This should be framed in a kitchen!

steak rest

18. Stealth Pug, Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

When pizza is involved, it’s important to be sneaky.

stealth pug

19. Powerful Drink Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

For all of the latte lovers out there.

pug coffee

20. Not My Fart Pug Poetry ($3.95+)

I blame farts on my pup, my pup blames farts on me.

pug fart

Featured image and all images via Ink Pug

Written by: Stephanie Valente

August 3, 2015