11 Times The Internet Solved Our Dog Problems

Think the internet is just for dog pictures and pointless think pieces? Think again. Now excuse me while I say this in my old person voice: "There's some good stuff on that there internet!" Seriously. Below, 13 times the internet came through on common dog issues. 1. This person who used aluminium foil to keep their dog off the couch. internet-dog-tips-11   2. This person who tied two plastic bottles to their puppy to keep it from slipping out of fences.internet-dog-tips-2   3. This person who used peanut butter to get his stubborn dog to take its medicine. internet-dog-tips-12 [bp_related_article] 4. This person who found the perfect solution to their dog's slobber. internet-dog-tips-3   5. This person who found the perfect way to keep their dog from running out of a broken fence.internet-dog-tips-4   6. Same for this person who wanted to keep their dogs from eating Christmas ornaments   7. Aaaand this person who wanted to keep their dog from these stairs.internet-dog-tips-6   8. And this person who wanted to keep their dog....I think you get the picture.internet-dog-tips-7   9. And this person who built cat platforms to keep their dog from getting into the cat's food.internet-dog-tips-10   10. This person, who invented an ingenious contraption to keep their dog entertained.
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  11. And lastly, this person who found a way to make their tiny dog "intimidating" to other dogs. Oh, internet.internet-dog-tips-9

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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