20 Thoughts Every Introvert Pup Parent Has But Never Wants To Talk About

I am one of those humans who prefers to be surrounded by dogs all of the time, and humans, some of the time. That's why I consider myself a canintrovert. Here are 20 things that have probably gone through your head, and stayed there. Because that's the introvert life. 1. I will give my dog a 30 minute blow out but I can barely bring myself to brush my own hair. dogpeopleblowdry 2. Ideal night. dogpeoplechicken 3. "Ok only 45 more minutes, I can do this."-Me, in social situations. dogpeoplecountdown 4. Ok it only sounds bad when you say it out loud... dogpeopledogsoverfriends 5. You've done this. dogpeoplefacetime 6. "GET OUT OF MY WAY MOM I HAVE A DOG TO PET." dogpeoplefamily 7. I feel like if you get a dog you should just legally change your name to (Insert Dog Name Here)'s Mom/Dad because that is what every dog person will call you. Sorry Sue. dogpeopleforgettingnames 8. It's impossible for me to express my feelings to humans. It's impossible for me NOT to express my feelings to dogs. dogpeopleiloveyou 9. All day every day. #introvertlife dogpeopleintrovert 10. Don't even lie your goal is to meet more dogs. There's nothing wrong with that. dogpeoplenyresolution [bp_related_article] 11. We've been bullsh*tting about the weather when we could have been looking at pictures of your dog?! dogpeopleopen 12. If a human did this everyone would be like, "what's this weirdo's deal?" dogpeopleparty 13. Why can't people understand that the amount of fun I'm having will always be correlated to how many dogs are present? You guys get it though. I'm assuming. If you're reading this. dogpeopleparty 14. That moment you realize a dog is better than a boyfriend. dogpeoplerelationships 15. Who has time to go out and socialize when there are SO many dogs on Instagram? dogpeoplescrollingdeep 16. If I could be as chatty with people as I am with dogs I would be KILLING it at that whole social life thing. dogpeopletalking 17. Well played pupper, well played. dogpeopleusingme 18. "Yea sorry my dog wants me to stay in otherwise I'd TOTALLY come out." Lolz dogpeoplewhatareyoudoingtonight 19. So much easier to talk to dogs when you know they're not going to have a million follow up questions. dogpeopleyo 20. Wait, is this not how socializing works I'm confused... dogpeopletherapist Don't forget to follow us on Instagram while you're staying in with your dog this weekend :)

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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