These Dogs Were Invisible Until A Balloon Changed Everything

They're the dogs that nobody sees. But now, thanks to two students, they're finally getting the attention they deserve.   invisibledogs7 College students Violeta Caro Pinda and Felipe Carrasco Guzman put their heads together and came up with an ingenious way to bring attention to the thousands of abandoned dogs that wander the streets in cities all over the world. They took colorful balloons and tied them to stray dogs around the city of Santiago with messages like "hug me, "play with me," and "don't leave me" written on the balloons.   invisibledog4   invisibledog1   As you watch the video, you can see the immediate effect it has on both dog and hooman as they connect with each other. Hearts are warmed, as these pooches receive some positive interaction, maybe for the first time in a very long while.   invisibledog2   High paws to this creative duo. We only hope that more awareness can be brought to the plight of stray dogs so every pooch can someday find a safe furever home.   invisibledog3   Note: No doges were harmed by balloon, string, or playful hijinks in the making of this film.  

ESTOY AQUÍ Intervención Urbana / I AM HERE Urban Intervention from Felipe Carrasco G. on Vimeo.

h/t to Goodnet

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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