Istanbul Stray Flew 5,000 Miles In Largest Ever International Golden Retriever Rescue

In the streets of Istanbul, Golden Retrievers roam the streets in search of food and shelter. Because of their gentle nature, these family dogs often won't fight back against the feral canines competing for the same resources, making them especially unsuited for living as urban strays. dogs Luckily, when an American living in Istanbul contacted Adopt a Golden Atlanta, 36 of these pups found themselves on a plane from Turkey to the U.S. in search of loving homes. One of the dogs, called Hero, caught the eye of the Taylor family immediately. These humans are no strangers to adopting rescue dogs, and they were convinced that Hero would be the perfect furry companion for their one-eyed Golden, Jack. jack According to his handler, Hero had never accepted belly rubs from anyone until these two stepped inside his kennel. And now it's all, "Pet me here, scratch me there -- no, there. Yes, that's good." But we love to spoil our dogs with attention, so beg away, Hero. You deserve it.
Featured Image & full story at Detroit Free Press!

Dr. Katy Nelson

7 years ago

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