Pup Loves His Hooman So Much, He’s Even Picked Up His Dad’s Pipe Habit

** This video is not suitable for impressionable wee hoomans. We at BarkPost do not encourage dogs smoking--and PLUS and this pup's pipe is empty! :) ** One lucky Irish man has a pawfect pawtner in his quest to quit smoking: Jasper the King Charles Spaniel. Jasper's dad, Padraic Sirr, smoked for 40 years. Although Jasper never smoked, he did pick up the habit of putting the pipe in his mouth! As Sirr said to the Irish Examiner:
"The dog has been copying me since he was a small pup and even though there’s nothing in the pipe I give him, he loves holding it in his mouth."
But now that Sirr's doctor says lay off the smoke, dad's pipe is empty too! Perhaps now Jasper can teach his pup parent what he's known all along: You don't have to fill the pipe to look distinguished.

h/t to Irish Examiner

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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